Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio-Gallery Location

On Lower Kingsbury Grade in Stateline, Nevada


Visit us at our Studio-Gallery...

we have quite a large inventory here.

In a funky industrial warehouse complex

We call it the Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio-Gallery since it's where we work (printing, framing, preparing for our shows) and it's where people can come to see Dirk's work. 

It's not a fancy storefront and since we're not on the main drag, you wouldn't just find us by driving or walking by.  You have to intend to come and see us.  The benefits of our location is that parking is right in front of our Studio-Gallery and it's free.

Because of our schedule, we don't have regular opening hours.  We also don't have employees; it's just Dirk and myself.  We advertise that we are open By Appointment and we recommend giving us a call and as long as we're in town, we can make an appointment to open the Studio-Gallery.  If you happen to drop by without an appointment and we're working in the Studio-Gallery then by all means we welcome you.

Call to make an appointment to the Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio-Gallery:  775.588.5816



Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio-Gallery

171 Shady Lane
Stateline, Nevada  89449
(on lower Kingsbury Grade in Lake Tahoe)

Open by appointment, so please call!


What you'll find at the Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio-Gallery

In addition to our printing and framing workshop, we have a large inventory of Dirk's work at our Studio-Gallery.  You'll find Art pieces printed on gallery-wrapped canvas in large sizes (8 feet wide or tall by 4 feet tall or wide; larger by special order), some on multiple panels (Triptychs, Quadtychs, Pentychs) as well as smaller pieces on canvas, the smallest being 20 inches tall/ wide by 9 inches wide/ tall.

We use Dirk's photographic paper prints as a portfolio.  You can flip through them in our racks and see the images we are not hanging on the walls.  The photographs printed on photographic paper are in various sizes, some framed and matted, some just matted and others as the photographic print on its own so that you can mat it and frame it as you wish.

If you're looking for a small gift, say a thank you or a hostess gift, we can help you there also.  We have boxed Note Card sets, small photographs and wall calendars.